Rain is Beautiful.

it comes down fast and hard, it makes its presence known and it’s hard to ignore. sometimes it’s powerful and loud, like a thunderstorm, but every rain drop fades into the ground, fleeting but powerful. shaking the ground and changing the world in it’s wake. Every individual drop is gone, forgotten in its self, but the effect is felt and known.

And to me, that is so beautiful

Just some Missouri weather

I think snow is so sad. It’s BEAUTIFUL when it first falls, so gentle and quiet and if you aren’t looking for it you miss it. it touches the ground and sometimes the ground is too hot for it, too harsh, so it melts and fades away. 

sometimes it settles down, and shines and stays beautifully brilliant against the ground, undisturbed and pure.But soon enough it gets shaken, and disturbed and mixed up, it melts with too much warmth and gets heavy and klingy, desperate to leave, and the it’s gone. it’s like that old saying “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”

That’s just what snow is.